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The final activities: the Pilot Activity and the Simulation Game are successfully completed


RESTART Project: “The final activities of RESTART’ Project, the Pilot Activity and the Simulation Game are successfully completed”
The final activities of RESTART Project, the Pilot Activity and the Simulation Game were implemented) from November the 20th November until December the 7th, 2017 in Athens, Greece, a Project funded by the European Commission under Europe for Citizens Programme. The Pilot program was organized by the Institute of Research and & Training on European Affairs and lasted 14 days in total.

The Pilot Activity of RESTART Project consisted of the Volunteering Activities, non formal education trainings, workshops and animation video creation by the engaged participants, gathering 25 participants from the Partnering countries (Belgium, Albania, Cyprus & Greece).

The objectives of the Pilot Activity, which were thoroughly achieved, were to:
– Measure the refugee crisis and it’s extend
– Understand the progress towards the asylum or relocation and finally integration of refugees
– Evaluate the strategies and policies in National and European Level and raise awareness about the necessity for action by the European societies
– Promote voluntarism, active citizenship and civic engagement, intercultural understanding and build a strong common European culture

During the Pilot Activity, participants had the chance to have constructive discussions during the Study visits to refugee camps and experience the conditions under which refugees live since their initial entrance in Greece and until their relocation or integration. The first visit was at Welcommon Camp of Renewable Wind, a camp specialized in host and integration of refugees, followed by the trip to Municipality of Livadia, where participants visited the local camps and heard of some testimonies by refugees. The visit to Camps of Eleonas, was described also as a special and educative experience by all participants.
Furthermore, study visits were held to local authorities, responsible for the host, asylum and relocation of refugees were they had informative speech of the Vice Mayor, responsible for the provision that has been made towards the Camp of Eleonas, during their visit at premises of Municipality of Athens. Project’s participants had also a productive study visit to “Stegi Plus” of PRAKSIS (Program for the Development of Social Support and Medical Cooperation), one of the shelters for unaccompanied minors in Greece, where the administrator and the legal representative explained the procedure and preconditions for entering the shelter, as well as the actions taken towards the integration of these unaccompanied kids.

In parallel, many interactive and educative activities took place at the central premises of IRTEA especially for the participants, by engaging trainers, professors and assistive staff for the better understanding of the refuge crisis, in order to enhance their awareness in this topic.

The final phase of the Pilot Activity included the Simulation Game of the European Parliament Plenary, where participants were assigned the role of a Member of the European Parliament and discussed on the topic of “The integration of refugees in Europe: the aspect of secularism and the defense of human rights in light of EU Charter on fundamental rights”. The simulation lasted three days gathering 50 participants who “represented” the EU Member States during meetings and made coherent dialogue in issues that appertain to refugees and refugee crisis.

As a main output of RESTART Project in total is the Policy Paper which will be officially released at the end of the Project, reflecting the impact, input and deliverables of all activities implemented within the project’ life cycle and will be disseminated in a wide national and European range.